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Da oltre 90 anni, la tessitura FTS è orientata all’innovazione tecnologica, allo sviluppo e alla crescita, conservando l’eredità del Cotonificio Ozella, fondato nel 1924. La continua attività di ricerca tecnologica porta nel 1940 alla registrazione del brevetto internazionale e del marchio Filtrozella. L’azienda si trasferisce a San Maurizio Canavese negli anni ’60 e diversifica la produzione affiancando ai tessuti tradizionali in cotone, la tessitura di prodotti tecnici realizzati con fibre sintetiche (poliestere e poliammide ad alta tenacità).
Fts Spa, fibre e tessuti speciali, fibra di carbomio, fibra aramidica, fibra ibrida
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FTS produces high-performance fabrics with the best available fibers on the market. The high quality of FTS fabrics is the outcome of the continuous innovation in the production processes, of an accurate selection of yarns and of our staff’s competence.
FTS mantains high-profile relationships with the major global suppliers of technical fibers such as carbon, para-aramid, glass, cotton, polyester and polyammide.

The wide range of fabrics offers efficient and economically advantageous solutions for several industrial applications such as movement systems (conveyor belts), power transmission (timing belts), automotive, constructions (structural reinforcements), marine, aerospace, green energy (windmill blades and solar panels) and others.

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Textile design represents the core of FTS know-how, and we consider R&D as an essential activity of the mill: from fibers selection to the customization of the textile structures, from  fabrics development to weaving processes.

The deep experience of FTS technicians leads to innovative technological solutions for several applications where the textile issue is relevant.

Our R&D aims at improving products’ performances and optimizing the quality/price ratio.

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FTS has chosen to implement its Quality Management System (QMS) in conformity with the regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 aimed at prevention and constant improvement in order to set procedures, to optimize all company activities, and to strictly check and stabilize the quality of its products.


Periodically, with the commitment of the whole staff, FTS sets improvement targets defined in accordance with measurable and objective parameters whose level of achievement is constantly monitored.

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