Da oltre 90 anni, la tessitura FTS è orientata all’innovazione tecnologica, allo sviluppo e alla crescita, conservando l’eredità del Cotonificio Ozella, fondato nel 1924. La continua attività di ricerca tecnologica porta nel 1940 alla registrazione del brevetto internazionale e del marchio Filtrozella. L’azienda si trasferisce a San Maurizio Canavese negli anni ’60 e diversifica la produzione affiancando ai tessuti tradizionali in cotone, la tessitura di prodotti tecnici realizzati con fibre sintetiche (poliestere e poliammide ad alta tenacità).
Fts Spa, fibre e tessuti speciali, fibra di carbomio, fibra aramidica, fibra ibrida
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Textile technology offers advanced reinforcement solutions for construction industry.

Technical fabrics reach top-end performances in strengthening structures, reinforcing concrete and in architectural features conservation.

FTS has developed earthquake resistant fabrics/nets made of carbon, basalt, fiberglass bound with a thin thermoplastic or metallic yarn to ease final installation.


Boat-building yards need to face complex requirements, keeping up technological evolution.

The most important features are light weight, directional strengthening, easy impregnation and extensive workability.

FTS weaves dedicated aramid fabrics providing high impact resistance, carbon fabrics (over 400 g/m²) or glass roving for utmost advantage in terms of cost.


The industrial sector can rely on specific technical fabrics  to comply with its stringent requirements.

FTS wide fabrics range is the proper response in terms of performance and price point.

Our industrial fabrics are available in HT polyester, polyamide 6/6.6, carbon, aramid, glass and ring cotton.


The sports equipment sector is facing a continuous technological development and a strong market growth.

Specific products made with advanced fabrics are widely used in disciplines such as cycling, rowing, kayak, sailing and windsurfing, skying, tennis, fishing, hiking, etc.

High-tech fabrics provide benefits in terms of lightness, high resistance and nice aesthetic results: a winning choice for manufacturers of sports equipment.

The most suitable fabrics for sports equipment are made of carbon fiber or hybrids with glass and aramide fiber.

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